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Steam now handles over 60K refund requests per day, hardware & software survey for May 2017 unveiled

Last month, we informed you about Steam handling over 50K refund requests per day. Well, it appears that this number has increased by 10K requests during that month, as Steam is now handling over 60K refund requests per day.

According to the stats, out of these 60K (and in some cases 100K) requests, only 9-12% of them are not being immediately addressed (as they are awaiting for a response). In addition, the typical response time for refunds is 48.75 minutes to 1.45 hours.

In other news, Valve has also revealed Steam’s May 2017 hardware survey. According to the survey, NVIDIA is increasing its dominance over AMD. In May 2017, NVIDIA saw an increase of 0.82% and Intel also saw an increase of 0.42%. On the other hand, AMD saw a decrease of 0.39% in GPUs and a decrease of 0.42% in CPUs.

What’s also interesting here is that the percentage of PC gamers with quad-core CPU systems has decreased by 1.1% and the percentage of PC gamers with dual-core CPUs has increased by 1.15%. And even though AMD has released its Ryzen CPUs, the amount of PC gamers with CPUs featuring more than four CPU cores remained almost the same (decreased by only 0.01%).