Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Spies vs Mercs Returns, To Be Unveiled On May 2nd

Splinter Cell Blacklist
Ubisoft has revealed that the much beloved MP mode, Spies vs Mercs, will return in Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Despite the fact that the company has not revealed more information about it, we do know that this mode will be officially unveiled on May 2nd, and there is also a teaser trailer for it that can be viewed below.
A lot of old school Splinter Cell fans want to see a return to the ‘Spies vs Mercs’ mode of Chaos Theory, so it will be interesting to see what Ubisoft has to offer us.
In case you’re unaware of, Spies vs MercsĀ pits a team of sneaky, gadget-wielding agents against a well-armed, bullet-spitting militia.
Splinter Cell: Blacklist is currently scheduled for an August 23rd release on PC, X360 and PS3.
Enjoy and stay tuned for more!
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