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Slayer’s Testaments is a Doom Eternal mod for the original Quake, early version released

Modder ‘jackoneill45’ has released a pretty cool mod for the original Quake game. As the title suggests, Slayer’s Testaments brings the enemies, weapons and gameplay mechanics of Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal to Quake.

Slayer’s Testaments takes advantage of the Dark Places Engine, and actually looks retro-cool. This is a mod that a lot of Doom fans will appreciate as… well… it’s a free Doom game.

The mod allows you to play Quake’s four episodes with the enemies and weapons from Doom Eternal. Moreover, it comes with some re-imagined maps from Doom 2016 and classic Doom.

Unfortunately, there are some balancing issues right now with the Quake campaign. For example, the mod replaces the Ogres with the tougher Hell Knights. Not only that, but their hitboxes are not that accurate. Ammo is also sparse so most of the times you won’t really feel as the Doomslayer.

Still, and for a free mod, Slayer’s Testaments is actually cool so be sure to check it out. You can download its early version from here.

Have fun!

Slayer's Testaments trailer

Mod Corner - Slayer's Testaments (Quake Meets Doom Eternal)