Serious Sam HD: TSE and Jagged Alliance: Back in Action get new patches

Coreplay and Croteam have released new updates for Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter and Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. In preparation of the upcoming DLC, Croteam had added a FOV slider to graphics options menu and made various improvements and corrections to Serious Sam HD: TSE. Coreplay on the other hand added DLC support (DLC can be accessed via main menu) and fixed various issues to Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. You can view the changelog for both of these updates below and as always, these patches will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client.
Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Update Changelog:
-Added DLC support, DLC can be accessed via main menu
-Savegames crated on DLC maps are marked in the loading menu
-Fixed ammo for Grenade Launcher not displayed as 40mm
-Fixed crash upon deleting all mails
-Fixed exploit that allowed to duplicate items and could result in crashes
-Fixed right click allowing to move items from sector inventory when it was inaccessible
-Fixed cone preview displayed on turning in plan & go vanishing when the stance is changed after the turning action
-Fixed mouse cursor vanishing when scrolling by moving the cursor to the border of the screen in fullscreen mode while pressing ALT or WASD
-Fixed building attacker AI with melee weapon stopping when attacked from afar
-Fixed mercs and militia not dropping correctly from ladders when dying while still climbing
Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Update Changelog:
– Chainsaw weapon is now properly removed from 3rd person player model upon death.
– Fixed visual stutter of FOV during serious speed power if using custom FOV.
– Player FOV override no longer has any effect in third person view mode.
– Added slider for FOV adjustment to graphics options menu.
– Using third person view mode is no longer reported as cheating in versus game modes.
– Added checkbox for preferred player view mode (first / third person), which determines view mode at the start of a game session.
– Deathmatch game mode now supports infinite frags limit.
– Death and chat lines now last half as long.
– Created Yellow Yarek player model.
– Player death camera will be in third person in versus modes (but not those which include enemies, like beast hunt).
– Fixed bug which caused deaths not to be correctly considered when forming sorted score list.
– When player gets killed by environment damage (something other than player), it will lose frags.
– Colt weapon no longer uses reload in deathmatch and other versus modes.
– Fixed an issue causing sniper item spawns to overlap during last man/team standing rounds.
– Made player footstep heard farther in versus. Made them silent when crouching.
– Fixed an issue causing missing 3rd person weapons and wrong spine animation in case multiplayer model is changed from non-default back to default during gameplay.
– Fixed an issue preventing player from entering swimming mode in some cases.
– Fixed serious damage item not being visible when dropped by player.
– Fixed player falling through floor when crouching after long fall on remote machine under low FPS.
– Player FOV override cvar is not disabled in versus multiplayer mode any more.
– Kleer Kenny now has destruction sound.