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Rumor: Red Dead Redemption Coming To PC According To Microsoft’s Windows Compatibility Center

Red Dead Redemption is perhaps one of the few console games that PC gamers want desperately to experience on their platform. And while Rockstar Games has denied all recent rumors about a PC version being under development, a new rumor arose yesterday suggesting that a DX11 version may be coming in the near future.

According to Microsoft’s Windows Compatibility Center, Red Dead Redemption will be compatible with Windows 8.1 from the get-go. Now while this may be a false listing, I decided to search for some console-only games to see how reliable this source is. Thankfully, there is nothing related to games such as The Last Guardian, Heavy Rain, Halo 4, Forza or Final Fantasy XV. Then again, I couldn’t find anything for the Metal Gear games that have already been released on the PC.

Rockstar officially claimed a while back that a PC version for Red Dead Redemption was out of the question due to the game’s ‘bizarre’ coding techniques that were used.

Later on, rumors suggested that a PC version with additional DX11 effects could be on its way, though Rockstar has not commented on them.

As always, take everything you just read with a grain of salt. Most probably, this is a false listing. Hell, even the game’s title is incorrect.

Enjoy and kudos to NeoGAF for spotting it!