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Report – Latest Dragon Age: Inquisition Update Breaks Visuals On The PC, Bioware Issues Statement

The latest update for Dragon Age: Inquisition is currently live, however it seems that it breaks the visuals on the game’s PC version. According to various reports, the hair of some characters have some silver artifacts, while their faces feel ‘weird.’ And after trying it ourselves, we can confirm the existence of those graphical bugs. We don’t know whether this is happening only on NVIDIA GPUs or not, however we can confirm that this is a bug introduced by this latest patch. You can find some shots below showcasing this bug (courtesy of us, NeoGAF and Reddit).




Bioware has issued an official statement and a workaround for these new bugs:

“Hey Everyone,

We’re working on getting a hot fix out for the PC graphics issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, here is a workaround you can try:

To start, make sure the quality setting you choose is equal to the setting set for Mesh Quality inside Options>Graphics

You will need to add a new command line parameter. To do this:

Through Origin:
Right click on the Dragon Age Inquisition title
Go to game properties
Type the command line parameter in the Command Line Properties box.
Through shortcut:
Right Click Shortcut
Go to Properties
Under target go to the end of the field and type the command line parameter into the box
Once there, add the following command line parameter: -ShaderSystem.ShaderQualityLevel <quality setting>
In this instance, <quality setting> should be one of the following:
An example of how to set your quality to high would be: -ShaderSystem.ShaderQualityLevel High

Please note that once the hot fix is out, you will need to go back in and remove this workaround from your command line.

It’s also important to note that pre-patch 2, all users on PC were being forced to use the Ultra shader quality. This means that those of you playing on lower settings will notice a decrease in quality, particularly players using low or medium settings.
To achieve the same visuals as pre-patch, users on lower settings will need to change their settings to Ultra, which should likewise be used in conjunction with Ultra mesh quality. Mismatching the mesh and shader settings will result in other visual artifacts like overly shiny hair.
Please be aware that changing settings to Ultra may impact performance on some machines.

Sorry about any frustration this may have caused.”