Tripwire On Killing Floor 2 PC VS PS4 – PC Version Not To Be Dumbed Down, Gameplay Won’t Be Affected

A couple of days ago, Tripwire Interactive revealed that Killing Floor 2 would be also coming to Sony’s current-gen console. Naturally, a lot of PC gamers felt betrayed by Tripwire’s decision, which is why the company issued an official Q&A, addressing most of PC gamers’ concerns.

As Tripwire claimed, the lead platform for Killing Floor 2 is still the PC. Moreover, the game will be coming to the PC first (and there will also be a Steam Early Access program prior to its full release).

Furthermore, Tripwire claimed that the gameplay won’t be affected by the PS4 version, and that the PC version won’t be dumbed down.

“Short answer – heck no! Longer answer, the PS4 version has no impact on the gameplay of the PC version. PC is the lead platform, and the game will be separately tuned to play well on both the PC and the PS4. PS4 gamers are likely in for a harder game than they are used to. With that said, we feel many developers underestimate gamers on the consoles, and we feel that console gamers are ready for a challenge. Hell on Earth on PS4 will be HARD. With that said, the game will scale on easier difficulties for more casual gamers.”

Not only that, but the game’s PC visuals won’t be downgraded after the team’s decision to bring its title to Sony’s console (in short, don’t expect any ‘parity’ between them).

“Short answer – heck no! Longer answer, the PS4 is a powerful machine, much more powerful than the PC min spec. We’re not dealing with last gen consoles here. Honestly, last gen consoles created an annoying phenomenon. In the “old days” when a PC game came out and you cranked up all the graphics options and the game ran bad, you went out and upgraded your computer. In the past 5 years however so many games were developed with last gen consoles as the lead platform that they didn’t push modern computer hardware. So gamers got used to cranking the graphics options all the way up and getting 60FPS on their 4 year old PC (even though the games looked just like the console counterpart, or only marginally better). If a game came out that they couldn’t crank the graphics options up all the way on their 4 year old PC, they complained that the game was “poorly optimized”. Well I’m here to tell you KF2 will have some high end graphics options specifically for high end PCs (not all will necessarily be in when early access ships). Yes we are using UE3 (actually UE3.5), but it’s been heavily modified and modernized with some high end rendering features. The game will run well and look nice on reasonable PC hardware, but if you want to crank those graphics sliders up all the way make sure you have some high end PC hardware in your machine when the game ships.”

Regarding servers, there will be dedicated servers for the PC version, as well as a server browser.

Tripwire concluded that those not trusting them can wait for the PC reviews, and asked PC gamers to give them feedback instead of moan about what Killing Floor 2 could possibly turn into.

“If you are skeptical, don’t trust us. Wait for reviews, wait for a free weekend. Inform yourself before purchasing, it’s something you should do for any game purchase. What you shouldn’t do however is gripe and moan endlessly on what we “might” do or what your “worried we’ll do”. Give us feedback on what you’d like to see, give us feedback on what we’ve shown, and when you get your hands on the game give us feedback on what you like and what you don’t. But people speculating with their crystal ball (which more often than not has some storm clouds in it for some reason) doesn’t really contribute to the conversation.”

You can read the full Q&A here.