Rebellion: Sniper Elite V2’s Assassination DLC is an attempt get attention for the game

A few days ago, Rebellion and 505 Games revealed a pre-order bonus mission for their upcoming sniper game, Sniper Elite V2. We bet that a lot of you wondered what was the meaning of this announcement and as some of you have already guessed, this pre-order bonus is just a way to spark interest in it. Speaking in a small interview with Eurogamer, Jason Kinglsey, boss of Rebellion, said that their publisher doesn’t have the cash to market their game so they had to come with some ideas in order to get the word out.
As Kinglsey said:
“We’re trying to get attention for the game. We’re working with 505 and they’re not the biggest of publishers with the deepest of pockets. So whatever we can do to get attention for what is an incredibly brilliant game, is good. The more people can hear about it the better, as far as I’m concerned.”
Sniper Elite V2 is slated for a May 4th release on current generation consoles and PC!