Project CARS vs F1 2012 Video Comparison

It’s a slow day today, therefore we decided to share with you a couple of videos that put Codemasters’ F1 2012 against Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS. Keep in mind that F1 2012 is a completed product, whereas Project CARS is in alpha phase and is not concentrated on F1 cars. That’s why the sound is not as good as we’d hoped in pCars, as they could very well be mere placeholders. We’re not going to take a side on this one, so enjoy them and tell us which one looks better!
Project CARS vs F1 2012 - Comparative Lap @ Hockenheimring

Project CARS Vs F1 2012 - Spa Francorchapms - Comparative

Project CARS vs F1 2012 vs Real Life @ Silverstone (Full HD)