Possible DLC announcements and patches for RAGE and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in April

Great news for all RAGE and Skyrim fans, as Bethesda’s Pete Hines has revealed that some new things are coming down the road in April for both of these titles. In other words, this could mean a new patch for them and an announcement for a new DLC. After all, we already know that Bethesda is working on a DLC for Skyrim so our guess is that it will be revealed next month.
As Pete Hines tweeted:
“Some things coming down the road in April for all you Rage and Skyrim fans. April is gonna have some cool news and surprises. Stay tuned.”
So, we can assume that Skyrim will get some new patches and Bethesda might make some improvements to its Steam Workshop or its Creation Kit. Then there is this DLC thing and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Let’s not forget that Todd Howard had previously stated that Skyrim’s DLCs would feel more like expansions. So yeah, we can’t wait to see what its first DLC will actually be.
On the other hand, we do know that Bethesda and iD Software will release shortly the Mod Tools for RAGE. Our guess is that Bethesda will release a patch that will include some fixes alongside with it and that it will also include the 64-bit executable file. On the other hand, iD Software¬†hinted a while back via RAGE’s tweeter account that some news about a – potential – DLC for RAGE would be announced in the coming months.
Stay tuned for more!