Project CARS Build 184 comes with the BAC Mono car and a new track to race

Slightly Mad Studios have released the newest weekly build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title. Build 184 gives members with Team Member status and above the first chance to test drive the exciting 2011 BAC Mono on a brand new track. As always, the company has also released some impressive new shots to showcase the new car and track and I really feel the need to repeat myself; Slightly Mad Studios have introduced an amazing lighting system to their game.
Moreover, this new build comes with new versions of several tracks (Azure Coast, Sakitto, Connecticut Hill, Milan), lots of audio improvements, new Palmer Jaguar JP-LM liveries, animation improvements, and much more that are not listed to its changelog.
Enjoy the following screenshots and keep in mind that these are pure, in-game shots that were not photoshopped in any way!