RAGE 64-bit Executable File will be released, more news about Mod Tools coming soon

I seriously don’t know if you’ll get excited about it, but John Carmack has confirmed that a 64bit executable version of RAGE will be released. Carmack didn’t give any specific details about the gains that it could possibly introduce but when a fan asked whether this 64bit version was cancelled or not, Carmack responded and reassured him that it will be released as it’s now in the Q&A phase.
As Carmack tweeted:
“it is still in QA, but it is definitely going to be released.”
In other news, iD Software revealed a while ago that they have not forgotten about all those promises for a PC Level Editor and Mod Tools. As the company tweeted a couple of weeks ago, they’ll be sharing new information soon. Well, it’s been two weeks since then and we haven’t heard anything from them.
Here is hoping that iD Software won’t use Valve’s ‘time schedule’ for their announcements.