PC gamers, meet Project Temporality; a co-op third person Action/Puzzle game

Project Temporality
Defrost Games has revealed its latest upcoming indie title that will be coming to the PC. Project Temporality is a third person Action/puzzle game developed around the concept of single player cooperation. By manipulating time you create multiple versions of yourself, called time clones, that are working together to solve the puzzles.
After almost 2 years of being developed only for the Xbox 360 the team behind it is happy to be able to show off the first footage captured from the PC version. According to the devs, this does not mean that the development of an Xbox version has been abandoned but as a company they feel the need to focus on what’s really important for indie studios and Steam’s greenlight is what they are currently aiming for.
After all, the team stated that the PC platform seems to be the best and most indie friendly market to be in right now. Well duh.
Project Temporality is said to be all about trying to change the ways the player thinks about time. Instead of considering it a single arrow going forward as in physics, Defrost promises to treat it more like a branching tree that can double back on itself and sprout new branches at your command.
Enjoy the trailer and those interested can vote for it at Steam greenlight.
Project Temporality PC Debut - Greenlight Trailer