Path of Exile Cheaters Warned a Final Time

According to a message in Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile forum, the developer is about to start taking cheaters to task. Nearly 4,000 Path of Exile players found to have cheated were recently greeted with a dialog window, which tells the players that if they are caught again their accounts will be closed for good.

The message reads:

“You have been detected running cheating software.

This message is the only warning that we will be giving. Do not run cheating software such as maphacks or bots. It’s a violation of section 6 of our Terms of Use and also puts your account and computer at risk. Further use of cheating software will result in the termination of your Path of Exile account.”

There will be no more warnings and going forward Grinding Gears will be assessing immediate bans against accounts used by cheaters.