Ouch – King Arthur II’s PR manager believes that 24fps are fine for the human eye

I’m shocked. I’m seriously shocked since this thing came from a PR manager and not from a misinformed person. According to King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame’s Kate, 24fps are pretty enough as the human eye sees them as fluid as the cinema movies. NO our dear Kate, you are wrong in so many levels and we’re surprised by your answer. The human eye can even see above 100fps. And regarding those 24fps, there is a huge difference between a movie (and how it’s been captured) and a game.
As Kate said in the official forums when the fans expressed their low-performance issues:
“It is not bad performance and not too low. If it gets below 20 FPS than it is bad performance. 24 FPS is what a human eye sees as fluid and you watch the films in the cinema with 24 FPS.”
Ironically, Kate asked the fans whether they go to the cinema again and again to see bad performance and horribly low FPS. This is hilarious and so wrong in so many levels. We’d expect a kid to try and justify his opinion with the ‘movies’ example, but a PR manager?
Kate went ahead and admitted then that the fps is not capped and that Neocore can get easily, on their test rigs in the developer office, around 50-60 fps.
As we said and before, the human eye can see above 100fps and you can find a lot of articles that explain the difference between movies and videogames. Sadly, Kate hadn’t done her homework while replying to the fans. Ouch.