Black Mesa is coming and no… we are not kidding

Black Mesa could very well be the DNF of mods (or the epitome of ‘mod vaporware’). It was said that this highly anticipated mod would hit the PC in 2011 but… guess what… it was delayed. Not surprising, right? However, Hubicorn, Black Mesa’s webmaster, has revealed something that will definitely wet your pants. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official; Black Mesa is coming really soon.
The developers had stated back in 2011 that the mod would be released two weeks after the release of its official soundtrack. Well, that time is almost upon us as Hubicorn said that a new, official website will be launched pretty soon and will contain the soundtrack. And what does this mean? But that Black Mesa will be released really soon.
As Hubicorn said:
“It was said that once the soundtrack is released, one could expect the launch of black mesa two weeks after. I can now say that a new website will be launched with the soundtrack in preparation for the mod.”
So, let the hype start guys. Black Mesa is coming Now the big question is whether Black Mesa’s team timeline is similar to Blizzard’s and Valve’s or not. In other words, what ‘soon’ really means? According to Steam’s member stormseeker, who works in the project, we might be surprised at just how short of a time we’ll have to wait for Black Mesa. Oh, and the game will support Steam’s achievements. Hooray!