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Offworld Trading Company Officially Revealed, Coming To Steam Early Access On February 12th

Stardock and Mohawk Games have officially revealed Offworld Trading Company, the highly anticipated return of Civilization IV designer Soren Johnson to the traditional PC gaming world. Offworld Trading Company is headed for Steam Early Access on February 12, and the publisher revealed the first gameplay footage, showcasing its economic competition across its single-player campaign, Internet multiplayer, and AI skirmish modes.

The initial Early Access version of Offworld Trading Company allows players to compete head to head or in free-for-all matches over the Internet, explore the dynamic single-player campaign that responds to your choices and the outcomes of the scenarios, and skirmish against the advanced AI that is already more than capable of wiping the floor with unsuspecting players.

Offworld Trading Company is a new direction for real-time strategy, where money is both your deadliest weapon and toughest defense. After the Earth is tapped out and the asteroids claimed by faceless megacorporations, the stark Martian surface is the final frontier on which dreamers and entrepreneurs can make something of themselves by staking their claim to the red planet’s abundant resources and building an economic engine capable of out-producing the competition.

The real-time, player-driven market is the foundation of the game, allowing players to buy and sell resources, materials, and even the food and water their colonists need to survive. Only by buying low and selling high – and perhaps engaging in a little more overt market manipulation with hacker arrays, black-market pirate raids, and more – can players build up enough capital to gain access to the incredibly lucrative offworld markets that bring in the cash they need to buy out their rivals and claim the Martian economy for themselves.

Mohawk Games is heavily invested in community-driven development – not only has the game been played by early adopters for months already, but the team will be livestreaming its own playtests and engaging with the community every week.


Offworld Trading Company - Early Access Developer Trailer