Obsidian Entertainment would ‘love’ to work on KOTOR 3

A couple of days ago, KOTOR 2 was released on Steam. A lot of speculation arose and players began wondering whether or not Lucas Arts was heating things up for a KOTOR 3 announcement. Let’s not forget that a bundle of KOTOR 1 & 2 is also available, as it launched back on July 14th. And although we don’t know whether Lucas Arts has plans for a KOTOR 3, we do know that Obsidian Entertainment would love to work on such a game.
Reddit’s user ‘SlappyBag9‘ contacted Obsidian Entertainment and asked whether he could add KOTOR 2 to his Steam collection. Obviously, the user didn’t know that KOTOR 2 was released on Steam and Obsidian Entertainment replied and told him that the digital version was already available on Valve’s distribution service.
SlappyBag9 then asked if Obsidian would work on KOTOR 3, and the company has replied and told him that they’d love to develop (or work on) KOTOR 3. Naturally, there is no KOTOR 3 game at the moment (at least we don’t have any indications for such thing) but it’s good to know that Obsidian is willing to work on it.
Here is hoping that Lucas Arts will take notice and let Obsidian handle KOTOR 3!