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Obliteration is a brand new PS4 Emulator for PC (Windows/Linux)

And here comes a new challenger. Developer “ultimaweapon” has released a brand new Playstation 4 emulator for the PC (for both Windows and Linux), called Obliteration. Obliteration is currently in a very early state, and cannot run any commercial games. However, you can find a video demonstration (as well as a download link) for it below.

Ultimaweapon has stated that the emulator may be able to run the games that can run on other emulators, like KyTy, in a couple of months. However, don’t expect to be playing any triple-A PS4 game anytime soon.

What’s interesting here is that, including Obliteration, there are currently five Playstation 4 emulators for the PC. These are Obliteration (duh), fpPS4KytySpine and GPCS4.

As said, do not expect to be playing any of the triple-A games that came out on PS4 via these emulators. At this moment, all of them are at an early development stage.

You can download the latest build of Obliteration from here.


"Obliteration" is a New PS4 Emulator for Windows & Linux

Testing the UI of PS4 Emulator "Obliteration" | (No games tested yet)