Horizon Forbidden West feature

Horizon Forbidden West is coming to PC according to Sony’s leaked document

According to a leaked document from Sony, Horizon Forbidden West will be coming to PC. This shouldn’t really surprise any of you as Horizon Zero Dawn sold well on PC. Not only that, but Horizon Forbidden West was also present in the NVIDIA GeForce Now leak.

Sony’s leaked document has found its way to the Internet, and you can take a look at it below.

This document has the PC version of Sackboy, which was recently announced. Moreover, it hints at a Horizon multiplayer game for both PS5 and PC.

Interestingly enough, both Rise of the Ronin and Death Stranding 2 are listed only for PS5. KOEI Tecmo did state that Rise of the Ronin would be a PS5 console exclusive, meaning that it will also release on PC. On the other hand, Kojima Productions has been heavily supporting the PC version of Death Stranding, so we can safely assume that its sequel will also come out on PC.

But anyway, this is a pretty interesting list so go ahead and take a look. As with all document leaks, though, the list is a bit old. What this means is that some of these projects may have been canceled, so make also sure to keep that in mind!