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Nixxes Software will help Sony port its next PS4/PS5 games to PC

Earlier this month, Sony announced the acquisition of Nixxes Software. Nixes is well known for its quality PC ports and from the looks of it, the studio will help Sony port its next PS4/PS5 games to the PC.

As Sony’s Jim Ryan told Famitsu:

“We are still in the early stages of our efforts to provide our IP to PCs, but we are satisfied and look forward to working with Nixxes to help with that.”

This is the main reason Sony acquired Nixxes; to help it port its Playsation games to PC. And, to be honest, this is what most of us assumed when Sony acquired it. Still, it’s great to have an official word about it.

Sony has so far ported Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn to PC. Even though Horizon Zero Dawn had some launch issues on PC, it’s now in really good shape. Days Gone is also a great PC port (the devs have addressed the game’s mouse and speed issues).

Finally, and according to its IR Day 2021 Game & Network Services Segment, Uncharted 4 will be also coming to PC.

Stay tuned for more!