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Nintendo Switch emulator Ryujinx now supports Vulkan, Playstation 3 emulator RPCS3 supports save states

Some news surfaced yesterday regarding the best emulators for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 3. According to their teams, Ryujinx now supports the Vulkan API, whereas RPCS3 now supports save states.

According to the devs behind Ryujinx, the Vulkan API will benefit mostly AMD and Intel owners. Since their OpenGL drivers are not as good as NVIDIA’s, owners of these GPUs can either deal with graphical bugs and poor performance or use Linux. However, and by using Vulkan, Ryujinx can run faster on both AMD’s and Intel’s hardware. Furthermore, Vulkan can natively use a shading language called SPIR-V which is much faster at compiling shaders than the rather sluggish GLSL that OpenGL uses. This last one will also benefit NVIDIA owners.

On the other hand, Save States on RPCS3 are snapshots of whatever was happening on the emulator at the exact moment when they were performed.

Save States are useful in many scenarios, such as when you are in the middle of a tough encounter in a game and you do not want to fight through a bunch of enemies to get back to where you were. In such a scenario you can simply load the Save State you created and pick off exactly from the moment where you took the snapshot, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

You can download the latest versions of Ryujinx and RPCS3 from here and here, respectively.

As we’ve already reported, Ryujinx can run a lot of triple-A Nintendo Switch games. For instance, you can play Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Paper Mario: The Origami King. On the other hand, the latest version of RPCS3 can improve performance in numerous PS3 games.

Have fun!

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