Return to Castle Wolfenstein feature

Real Return To Castle Wolfenstein 4.0 Mod brings new enemies, AI reiforcements, new HUD & more

WolfETPlayer has released a new version of the RealRTCW overhaul mod for Return To Castle Wolfenstein. According to the modder, Version 4.0 adds new enemies, improves animations, adds the Rewards System for finding Secrets, and introduces AI Reiforcements.

In case you weren’t aware, RealRTCW is an overhaul mod that features a new renderer, expands the game’s arsenal, rebalances gunplay, and packs HD graphics.

Going into more details, the new enemy types are Occult Priests, X-Shepherds, German Shepherd. The first two were exclusive to the console version of Return To Castle Wolfenstein. And, speaking of console-only features, the mod adds the Rewards System for finding Secrets.

In addition, Version 4.0 brings further weapons visuals improvements. It also adds new pickup items models, expands the game’s modding possibilities, and adds AI reinforcements.

RealRTCW 4.0 - All Weapons

You can download RealRTCW 4.0 from here. Below you can also find its key bug fixes.

  • OpenAL lipsync improved. No more NPCs with chaotically flapping mounths.
  • A few compiler warnings fixed.
  • Prevent firing flamethrower and tesla in noclip or when leaning or when underwater.
  • Akimbo Colt muzzleflash is now working properly.
  • Wrong angle on deathcam fixed.
  • Stamina depletion rate is now independent from the max fps value.
  • Added clip check for the scoped weapons to prevent reloading with full clip.
  • Phantom weapon icons bug fixed. This allowed me to merge ETSP weapons into the main game.
  • Fixed health and armor bars getting out of their limits during overheal.
  • Fix low quality of the UI and levelshots on opengl1 renderer.
  • giveinventory script command now properly affects holdable items.
  • Added missing subtitles on tram and sfm levels.
  • Fixed very specific Dam crash.
  • Fixed a lot of signal 11 crashes. This one was an experience destroyer for many of ya.