Powerslave feature

Nightdive Studios has trademarked Powerslave/Exhumed, hinting at a possible remaster

Back in May 2015, we informed you about a project that aimed to re-create the console versions of Powerslave using a custom engine built from the ground up, Powerslave EX. Created by Kaiser, this new free Powerslave game was meant to be a freeware game, however it was shut down due to legal/copyright issues.

All is not lost, though, it appears that a new remaster for this classic game may be under its way. Nightdive Studios has just trademarked both Exhumed and Powerslave, hinting at a possible remaster, though we are not certain whether it will be similar to Powerslave EX.

The whole purpose of Powerslave EX was so users could enjoy the console versions of this game on the PC at high-definition resolution along with optional rendering features such as FXAA and bloom. In addition, user mods and custom levels can also be achieved, keeping the spirit of this game alive.

In short, this was exactly what a remaster should feel like, so here is hoping that Nightdive Studios will release something similar to this!