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PowerSlave EX Brings the PSX Version to the PC, Free Public Beta Version Now Available

Back in the Playstation 1 days, a first-person game got released on Sony’s platform, as well as on Saturn and PC, called PowerSlave (or Exhumed). And while the Saturn version is considered to be the best of the pack, the PC version was underwhelming. The PC version was powered by the BUILD Engine, and it did not look as good as the console versions (that were powered by the SlaveDriver Engine).

Therefore, Doomworld’s member ‘Kaiser’ decided to has released a public beta version of PowerSlave EX; a project that aims to re-create the console versions of Powerslave using a custom engine built from the ground up.

“The whole purpose is so users can enjoy the console versions of this game on the PC at high-definition resolution along with optional rendering features such as FXAA and bloom. In addition, user mods and custom levels can also be achieved, keeping the spirit of this game alive.”

PowerSlave EX will be a freeware game. The game’s public beta is currently available for Windows, however Kaiser plans to also support Mac OSX and Linux.

Those interested can download it from here.