Next version of MaLDo’s HD Texture Mod for Crysis 2 will support POM + New Amazing Comparison Shots

Okay everyone, get ready as MaLDo released some new comparison shots for Crysis 2 and we have to say, this modder definitely knows what he’s doing. MaLDo did an astounding job and his next version will support Parallax Occlusion Mapping. The comparison shots are simply amazing and you should definitely check them out! 
In addition, MaLDo stated in his blog that it will be released really soon as there are only 3 levels to complete. MaLDo also made a basic installer to make things easier for many people and a configurator as he is in contact with BlackFire to activate or deactivate their TOD modifications (time of day / tilt of the sun) on the maps.
Enjoy the following comparison shots. Crysis 2 vanilla is on the left whereas Crysis 2 modded is on the right!