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New version of Super Mario 64: Ocarina of Time released, improves gameplay and fixes various bugs

Back in March, we informed you about an amazing mod for Super Mario 64 that brought together two Nintendo 64 games; Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Kaze Emanuar, the talented man behind some incredible projects such as Super Mario 64 OnlineSonic Adventure: Last Impact and Super Mario 64 First-Person, has released a brand new version of it that fixes various bugs, improves gameplay, and makes the game more accessible and more forgiving.

In case you weren’t aware of, Super Mario 64: Ocarina of Time is a romhack/fan-game that aims to bring together the characters of Super Mario 64 with the storyline and the world of Ocarina of Time. However, and contrary to other romhacks that run on the Nintendo 64 hardware, this one requires an emulator in order to be played.

In this new version, Kaze Emanuar fixed some invisible walls, invisible switches and texture inconsistencies and to make the game friendlier to newcomers, a pick-bomb has been added that can be blown up.

Those interested can download this fan game from here. Do note that you’ll have to enable 8MB ram in the emulators settings, otherwise the game will only give you a black screen.

Have fun!

SM64: Ocarina of Time Version update