Sonic Adventure : Last Impact is a Unity-powered game from the creator of Super Mario 64 Online

Kaze Emanuar, best known for his amazing online romhack for Super Mario 64, has been experimenting with the Unity Engine and released a demo featuring SEGA’s blue hedgehog. Sonic Adventure : Last Impact is a fan game – currently in prototype stage – that mixes Sonic with Mario 64: Last Impact’s environemnt, and is based on the Hedge Physics middleware.

Now while this has a lot of potential, especially since SEGA is open to fan games, Kaze claimed that this might not evolve into a full fledged fan game.

As such, Kaze has released this prototype version of Sonic Adventure : Last Impact so that everyone can get their hands on it. Those interested can download it from here.

Here is hoping that Kaze will keep working on it as we’d love to see a new Sonic game powered by the Unity Engine. Oh, and contrary to Nintendo, SEGA will not DMCA him. So yeah, he strongly believe that he should build on this prototype and make a Sonic fan game.

Kaze has also released the following video, showing the prototype version of Sonic Adventure : Last Impact in action (in case you don’t want to download it but still want to take an idea of what this prototype is all about).


Sonic Adventure : Last Impact (demo)