Super Mario 64 header screenshot

The first-person mod for Super Mario 64 just got a lot better and is available for download

Back in December we informed you about a romhack for Super Mario 64 that allowed players to play it in first-person mode. That initial version of this first-person mod had some issues, like the¬†geometry going invisible when the camera is too close to the objects or the terrain. Thankfully, modder ‘Kaze Emanuar’ was able to resolve them.

As such, this new version of the first-person mod/romhack for Super Mario 64 works way, way better than before. Kaze Emanuar has also removed a bunch of camera bugs that people found in the other version. The end result is stunning and we highly recommend playing this classic Mario game using this mod.

Since this is a romhack, players will need the original game. The good news is that you can use an emulator to run this romhack and experience Super Mario 64 FPS on your PC system. You can download this new version of Super Mario 64 First-Person Mode from here.

Have fun!

First Person Mario 64, controllable version