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24 Player Super Mario 64 Online Available Download

One of the oldest most classic retro games is Super Mario for the Nintendo 64, due to it’s age online was a pipe dream when it was released but now that has all changed with a new mod, allowing for the game to connect up to 24 players.

Super Mario 64 Online Release Trailer

Super Mario 64 Online has been built on top of the original Super Mario 64 ROM by  Kaze Emanuar, Melonspeedruns and Marshivolt. Online allows for players to connect and choose characters from the Mushroom Kingdom and grants the freedom of the entire game. Players can clear stages together, speedrun race eachother and also battle royale if you are feeling game enough.

The nostalgia is real within this one as jumping back into a game that was made in the 1990’s makes me feel like a kid again. The creators have provided a detailed tutorial for anyone that is interested in downloading and playing, the link can be found here.

Super Mario Online 64 - Betatesting moments

Source: Kotaku