New Patch For Star Swarm Significantly Improves Mantle Performance

Oxide Games has released a new update for its stress test program, Star Swarm, that significantly improves performance under AMD’s latest API, Mantle. According to the team, the previous build lacked proper multi-threading functionalities when using Mantle.

As Oxide’s Adam Biessener wrote on the company’s blog:

“Did we crack some secret code or find a crazy new optimization? No, nothing so spectacular. The truth is that we made a mistake in our haste to deploy the build that stripped out the activation process. We didn’t follow our normal release process, and missed how a minor change in that build had disabled some of the Nitrous engine’s multi-threading features when using Mantle. Unfortunately we didn’t notice that at first, as nobody was running Mantle last week due to the beta driver being delayed.”

Those interested in getting a glimpse of what this new API can do can go ahead and download the stress test from Steam.

Star Swarm Demonstration