Halo Infinite new in-engine screenshot

Modder recreates Halo Infinite in Halo 5 Forge, looking almost as good as Xbox Series X

Blttserz has recreated a part of the Halo: Infinite map in Halo 5 Forge. The modder has spent 48 hours into building this map, and the end result is incredible. In fact, this map looks almost as good as what Microsoft showcased during its Xbox Series X event.

What’s also really cool here is that you can download and play this map yourselves. All you have to do is search for user “Blttserz” in Halo 5 Forge and browse his files, or search for the “arrival” map. Now I’m not certain whether this is exclusive to the Xbox version of Halo 5 Forge or not.

Arrival - A Map Based on the Halo Infinite Campaign Demo!

Now to be honest, there are some shortcomings here. For instance, there are some placeholders and some textures are not looking as good as those of Halo Infinite. Moreover, this is a really small map and not a huge area as the one available in Halo Infinite. Additionally, the Halo Infinite demo is using a new engine, different assets, and targets both current and next generation platforms.

So yeah, they are not exactly the same. Still, the graphical/visual difference is not THAT big if we directly compare them. Also, keep in mind that this was created by a single person and not an entire team.

Speaking of Halo Infinite in Halo 5 Forge, unsorted guy has also recreated the Halo Infinite Gameplay Demo in Halo 5 Forge. This map is not complete yet and features a lot of placeholders (for both textures and enemies). Thus, this map looks less impressive than Blttserz’s map. Still, it’s really cool witnessing modders recreating a next-gen Halo game into a current-gen engine.

Halo Infinite Gameplay Demo Forged In Halo 5

As we’ve already reported, Halo Infinite has been delayed until 2021 and its multiplayer mode will be free to play.

Lastly, you can also check out this video, showing what Halo Infinite could look like as a Nintendo 64 game.