Mind-Blowing GTA4 Mod Is Out Now

Remember all those breathtaking shots of GTA4? Oh, I’m sure you do. Well get ready to take a taste of it, as gionight has finally released his mod and everyone can experience GTA4 the way it should be. As gionight notes, there are currently two versions of his mod and everyone should read the README file first.
As gionight wrote in Rage3D’s forum:
Works only on 1.0.4 !!!!!  ENB mod made BY Gionight.
This set is tweaked to be played with DKT road texture (must have) and “AntialiasingQuality=1 Within “enbseries.ini”

Link to The Archive File Which Includes All Additional Mods (Cars, Clothes, Weapons, Sound, Free Camera) also Includs Fraps and SparkIV 0.6.4 :
Link To My ENB Set Without Additional Mods:
READ      !!!! README.TXT !!!!
READ      !!!! README.TXT !!!!
READ      !!!! README.TXT !!!!
Here are two versions of the same set “The Main and The Best ENB by Gionight” is the main version you should install, in case if you want to try second version with more aggressive contrast you need to copy/past from “ENB With More Aggressive Contrast” folder to GTA4 main folder 3 files only, and thats it .
I also suggest you to use DKT new road texture, here is the link: