Yoshinori Ono hints to a possible PC release of Street Fighter X Tekken

Okay, we all pretty much know that SFxT will eventually hit the PC. Capcom couldn’t cover up that press release that featured PC in SFxT’s platforms and we can’t believe that its inclusion was a simple ‘mistake’. What you didn’t know though, was the fact that Ono-san is quite satisfied with SSF4AE’s PC sales and that he is seriously thinking in porting SFxT to our beloved platform.
Speaking to Siliconera, Ono admitted that he is quite satisfied with SSF4AE’s PC sales and that a PC port of SFxT is possible:
“I don’t want to giveaway too much, but I can say we listened to fans with Street Fighter IV. When we didn’t put Super on PC we listened they were upset and put AE on there. It was a month late, sorry about that. We are really happy with those results, it’s on the top ten on Steam downloads and we’re paying attention that. We are certainly considering doing something similar, but I don’t want to talk too much right now.”
So basically yes, SFxT will hit the PC. The big question now is when and how long will it be delayed.
Stay tuned for more!