Mass Effect fans, rejoice; Mass Effect 3 gets a better, fan-made ending via the MEHEM mod

Okay, we know that a lot of you were disappointed with Mass Effect 3’s ending. Yes, BioWare released an extended cut for its end, but most of you were not satisfied with it, right? Well look what we’ve got for you today. Spotted by our reader GhostRiderLSOV, MEHEM is a mod that promises to alter the game’s ending to a somehow, better one. Even though this mod is available only for the PC version of Mass Effect 3, we strongly suggest PS3 and X360 owners to take a look at it, as they may find this fan-made ending better than the official one.
Those interested can download the mod from here. The mod is not finalised yet, meaning that the modder will adjust and change some things in later versions of it.
You can view below the fan-made/alternative ending. Needless to say that it contains big spoilers, so be sure to avoid it if you haven’t finished the game. And make sure to enable YouTube’s annotations to see what the modder actually did and what things will be changed in a later version.
MEHEM - The Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod - Part 1/2

MEHEM - The Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod - Part 2/2