Markus ‘Notch’ Persson hints at a new game

Remember that April’s Fools joke of Notch’s Mars Effect game? Well, it appears that the April’s Fool joke was the name of it and not the actual game. According to its website that got updated today (as well as Notch himself), this game is not fake and the only ‘fake’ thing at its website was its name.
As Notch tweeted today:
“So “Mars Effect” was an April Fools joke. The name part, that is. The game itself is real.”
The game promises to be a hard science fiction game with lots of engineering, abandoned ships full of loot, seamlessly landing on planets, an advanced economy system, as well as mining, trading, and looting. Now don’t get your hopes up yet and take those features with a grain of salt as they were used to initially describe the ‘fake’ Mars Effect game. But then again, Notch said that the only fake ‘thing’ in that website was only the name and not the game or its features.
Still, we are a bit sceptical about them.
Stay tuned for more!