John Romero feature

John Romero is working on a new FPS that will be using Unreal Engine 5

John Romero has announced that he is working on a brand new FPS that will be using Epic’s Unreal Engine 5. Although Romero did not reveal much, we do know that this will be an original new IP. So yeah, no Daikatana 2 for you.

And… well… that is that. Romero Games is currently hiring developers for this project, which means that it’s in a pre-production phase. In other words, don’t expect to be playing this FPS anytime soon.

Speaking of Unreal Engine 5, Ghost of a Tale’s creator has also announced that its sequel will be using UE5. Ghost of a Tale was a third-person action-RPG that was powered by the Unity Engine. For its sequel, though, Lionel ‘Seith’ Gallat has decided to ditch it over Unreal Engine 5.

Stay tuned for more!