STALKER Anomaly Mod V1.5.1

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly Mod V1.5.2 is available for download

The team behind the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly project has released a brand new version of it. According to the release notes, version 1.5.2 brings a number of fixes and Quality of Life improvements to the engine and to the game.

In case you didn’t know, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly is a mod for Call of Pripyat that aims to be the most stable and customizable experience for fans of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. This project is also using the Monolith 64-bit engine, a custom fork of the X-Ray engine.

Going into more tech details, version 1.5.2 resolves numerous crashes that plagued the game. Additionally, it allows you to switch the left and right mouse button (and use numerous mouse buttons). It also fixes some issues with animations, such as the broken flashlight draw animation and script animations showing floating arms for one frame.

You can download S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly Mod V1.5.2 from here. Do note that this is an update for version 1.5.1, and not a standalone verison. You can also find its complete changelog below.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly Mod V1.5.2 Release Notes

Fixes #1
  • Fixed gasmask shader, water droplets and condensation is rendered properly now.
  • Fixed emissive geometry, lamps, TVs, and other geometry using emissive shaders doesn’t change while holding a PDA/detector
  • Also fixed Detectors using sefllightl instead of the selflight_det shader.
  • Fixed double clicking lag when moving items in inventory
  • Fixed a visual bug upon exiting inventory while dragging an item cell around
  • Also fixed ixed a few missing/incorrect CLSIDs in scripts
  • Baby burer now stops crying when you open the door
  • Trying to sleep while bleeding or irradiated no longer breaks timers
  • Weapon hud editor no longer crashes when pressing apply
  • Lowered hud offset changes in the hud editor now apply in real time
  • Stalker and mutant population sliders should now apply correctly
  • Fixed broken actor_on_weapon_jammed callback
  • Fixed PKM Zulus and Protecta Aim reticles
  • Also fixed MK14 C-More dot
  • _G.random_key_table returns nil if empty table is passed instad of false
  • Added checks for emtpy table on random key table uses
  • Removed leftovers use_aim_bullet = true
  • Fixed the mismatch between rank values and their names
Fixes #2
  • One trader was still selling old (non working) mines item
  • Crafting no longer gives you the old non working explosives
  • Colt kimber added to spawn blacklist (broken animation)
  • Ammo wheel should work correctly on guns in grenade launcher mode now
  • Removed no longer existing console commands from default_controls.ltx
  • Fixed rare crash in surge_manager.script
  • Added missing helmet overlay for isg nosorog
  • Fixed exclusion of binocs from the delayed repair feature
  • Fixed combat ignore not checking enemy for enemy_ignore condition if object itself has no db storage overrides
  • Also fixed small errors in w_indoor_ambient.ltx and fetch_list.ltx
  • Fixed no emissions in outskirts
  • Fixed incorrect round function in _g.script
  • Changed Anisotropic Filtering option steps to 0,4,8,16
  • Removed “survival mode is not compatible with survival mode”
  • Possible fix for some config files being corrupted after a game crash
  • Fixed ammo aggregation for stashes and corpses
  • Fixed inventory scroll bar being stuck or “hard to scroll”
  • Also fixed southern Agroprom exit to Garbage teleporting to the northern exit when cancelled
  • Fix input lock when the players dies from Psy Damage as a Monolith member
  • Disabled the non-functional tab bar for looted PDAs
  • Fixed binocs not remembering zoom level
  • Fixed cut off breathing sound on high framerates
  • Allow PDA keybind while the inventory is open
  • Added on_get_item_cost callback to edit item prices on the fly in trading screens
  • Callstack and nice error message when using some funcs incorrectly
  • Right clicking an item in the inventory no longer blocks movement
  • Reduced light humming noise volume to be easier on the ears
  • Looted PDAs no longer go into the player’s PDA slot
  • Added actor_on_hud_animation_mark script callback
  • Added all CLSIDs to lua_help.script
  • Also added item postion/orientation to the weapon hud editor
  • Added new callbacks “actor_on_hud_animation_play” and “actor_on_movement_changed” to scripts
  • Added on_before_key_press callback which can be used to cancel any keypress
  • Also added changes for improved “actor_on_hud_animation_play” and “on_before_key_press” callbacks
  • Added getter for psy health
  • Added wildcard ltx loading for outfits and outfit upgrades
  • Also added “AddCallback” function to add your own callbacks into axr_main
  • Added “actor_on_before_hit_belt” and “actor_on_item_before_pickup” callbacks
Fixes #1
  • Fixed crash when loading restrictions
  • Added crash messages for broken model/animation instead of empty stack trace
  • Attempt to fix rare crash when using binocs or scopes with identification module
  • Fixed issue with some animations / hand motions (FDDA)
  • PDA Fixes
  • Game tutorials (campfire, sleep) no longer reset the PDA screen
  • Removed sprint detection code and replaced with OnMovementChanged function
  • Removed blood effect when anomalies destroy inanimate objects like boxes
  • Added missing keybind script exports
  • Scripts no longer freeze when trying to play a missing sound file
  • Fixed broken flashlight draw animation
  • Spamming zoom in/out no longer allows rapid fire for shotguns
  • Removed Lost Alpha bone hiding code – vanilla bone hiding code no longer glitches NPC models
  • Freelook no longer gets stuck when talking to a NPC while using freelook
  • Player can no longer pick up bolts thrown with infinite bolts option enabled
  • Poltergeist corpse is no longer bugged on death, modders can remove code in bind_monster.script or use a different binder to keep the corpse for other purposes
  • Removed use_aim_bullet
  • Fixed game.play_hud_anm not working correctly if last argument is true
Fixes #2
  • Detector/Device animation fixes
  • Fixed script animations showing floating arms for one frame
  • Fixed some incorrect animation parameters like blending on show animation
  • Pressing Escape to exit the “Pause” screen no longer breaks timers
  • Another small Detector/Device fix
  • Removed the unused eMagEmpty weapon state which was rarely causing animation issues
  • It’s now possible to quicksave/quickload while all other inputs besides movement are blocked
  • Switching the left and right mouse button now works as expected
  • Fixed keys getting “stuck” on alt tab
  • Release all keyboard/mouse buttons when level input is disabled
  • Fixed crash if npc has a killer ID but is not dead
  • Fixed rare crash with getting current date
  • Also fixed rare crash when null string is passed to UI text input box
  • Fixed sndCloseEmpty typo for shotgun classes
  • Fixed first person weapon jitter
  • Also fixed clipping noise when anomalies/camfires are enabled
  • level.object_by_id(nil) no longer returns the actor object
  • Mouse 4 and higher now work correctly when bound to the Use key (to open doors, put out campfires, etc)
  • Fixed “hide_detector” script function not working
  • Fixed HUD permanently hidden when quickloading during a controller psy attack
  • Also fixed “compressed” body on set_visual_name for real this time
  • Added :close() function for script ini_file
  • Fixed lighting on weapons (was most visible on DX8)
  • Fixed binoc zoom behavior
  • Also fixed fixed player_hud_script
  • Improved PDA input code
  • It’s now possible to open the inventory without having to manually hide the PDA first
Modding #1
  • Enabled lua stack trace for script crashes
  • Pass hit damage to _G.CActor__BeforeHitCallback before applying belt item immunities, apply those after the callback
  • Improved/cleaned player_hud code (bone callbacks, missing script hud animations are handled correctly now)
  • Added actor_on_hud_animation_mark callback
  • Added a script function to get the bone name of a model by id
  • Also added item position to hud adjust
  • It’s now possible to load loose particle effects/groups
  • Loose particles overwrite existing ones inside particles.xr
  • The game no longer needs particles.xr to launch
  • Added animation play callback which can be used to change the animation name and other properties before the engine plays it
  • Added script exports to read/change cam effector power and read its length + check if the effector is active
  • Also added script export to get/set weapon pending and misfire state
  • Added script export to get weapon zoom type (normal/gl/alt aim offset)
  • Animators can now use different animations for device zoom in/out again
  • animation play callback is no longer called for npcs
  • Made the time_factor console command available without using debug mode
  • on_before_key_press callback will be called even if level input is disabled
Modding #2
  • Added missing callbacks to shotgun reloads and weapon misfires
  • Added “actor_stop_look_at_point” function
  • Reenabled debug message when trying to use a destroyed object
  • Improved actor_on_hud_animation_play callback
  • It’s now possible to place (static) wallmarks without random rotation by adding an extra argument at the end (false = no random rotation)
  • Added “set_cone” for script lights to change the cone size of spot lights
  • Added volumetric light support for artefacts
  • Trying to use a destroyed game object will now print an error with the ID of the object
  • Added “rotate” and “aspect” attributes to be used in the minimap xml, both are true by default for vanilla behavior
  • game.world2ui(pos, true) will calculate position in hud space (to “attach” ui to a weapon bone for example)
  • Added script functions to get/set artefact immunities
  • Added a script function to make the actor pick up an item
  • Also added a script function to read the userdata of a visual model
  • Added script functions to override the player first person hands model
  • Added script functions to set weapon firemode and view/manage grenade launcher attachment related stuff
  • Also added AllowCursor and AllowCenterCursor script functions for UIs
  • Added _G.CActor__HitArtefactsOnBelt callback
  • Added bind_stalker_ext.actor_on_item_before_pickup callback
  • Also added XML script exports
  • Added script functions to freeze and unfreeze physics shells
  • Replaced pickup_item with 1.6 take_item script function