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Intel helped develop PC-exclusive graphics improvements for Marvel’s Avengers

It appears that Intel teamed up with Square Enix’s Crystal Dynamics game studio to optimize the graphics for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers PC game. Thus, Intel is Crystal Dynamics’ exclusive CPU partner.

While we would usually expect a partnership with either AMD or Nvidia, but it appears that Intel teamed up with the Crystal Dynamics recreation studio to optimize the graphics for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers PC game, which may seem like an odd choice to some of you.

Nonetheless, the improvements which Crystal Dynamics made to Marvel’s Avengers have been implemented to take full advantage of Intel’s core processors, basically the CPU-based computations, like the physics engine. This will also provide more headroom for the GPU for other tasks. PC gamers can now enjoy Reactive Water Simulation, Enhanced Enemy Destruction which showcases more detailed enemy destruction, and lastly Super Charged Heroics.

We can divide these improvements into different categories. First off, there’s an enhanced armor destruction, in which visual effects are improved as players damage enemies. Players can use and create glass shards, metal plates, and rubble as physical objects and toss them around the environment and enemies. The debris will also stay longer thus providing extra realism.

PC players will also benefit from full-fledged water simulation. Lastly, the shockwaves or energy blasts caused by the in-game characters will create more rubble and do more environmental damage.

These PC features were optimized for 4, 8, and 10-core systems, with the low, medium, and high settings being tuned for each of them. This means that even entry-level gamers will get some kind of benefit as high-end rig users. These new features are optimized for Intel processors, though even competing CPUs from AMD should take advantage of this optimization.

These changes are designed to increase the gameplay immersion and also make use of the additional computational power that the PC platform offers.

Intel has promised to continue to support Avengers game for the next two years. These improvements have been made to the Foundation Engine by Crystal Dynamics, so we can expect the water simulation to appear in future PC titles as well. Intel plans to launch its next-gen 11th Gen Tiger Lake processors, having Xe graphics architecture, and standalone DG1 GPUs as well for this fall, and the company has confirmed it will continue to roll out specific optimizations for future Intel GPUs, too.

Intel promises 1080p/30fs Marvel’s Avengers gaming on its upcoming ultra and thin notebooks/laptops, on the company’s Xe-LP integrated graphics.

“Throughout the Marvel’s Avengers development process, Intel and Crystal Dynamics worked closely to perfect the superhero experience for PC gamers and optimize for the best PC gameplay for those playing on Intel Core processors. As the exclusive CPU partner on Marvel’s Avengers, Intel collaborated with the game’s developers to create detailed visuals and special effects that completely immerse players, giving them a truly interactive cinematic experience.”

“You’ll experience optimized gameplay with Intel® Core™ i5, i7, and i9 processors. Higher-end PCs with the latest Intel® Core™ i9 processors will enable richer, more immersive in-game features like Enhanced Enemy Destruction, Super Charged Heroics, and Reactive Water Simulation.”

Below you can find the video showcasing these new features.

Marvel’s Avengers PC Gameplay Optimizations Powered by Intel

Marvel’s Avengers releases on September 4th. The game will also receive a Day-1 Update that is 18GB in size. Lastly, the game will be using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech at launch.

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