Intel Core Tiger Lake Mobile

Intel Tiger Lake Mobile processor’s promotional videos have been leaked ahead of launch

Intel plans to unveil next week its Tiger Lake Mobile CPU architecture with full details, though it appears that some marketing promotional videos have been leaked ahead of the launch date, by Twitter user WalkingCat. Some new videos have been showcased for the upcoming Intel Tiger Lake CPU architecture.

Intel recently revealed that Tiger Lake will deliver more than a generational increase in CPU performance, massive AI performance improvements and a huge leap in graphics performance and integrated Thunderbolt 4. We also have marketing material for Intel’s upcoming CORE rebranding, showcasing the brand-new Intel Core sticker along with a new Iris Xe Graphics sticker.

Intel is set to hold an event on September 2 where the company will announce ‘something big’. By now, it’s all but confirmed that the firm will be launching its next-generation Tiger Lake processors at the event, which will be 10nm CPUs with new XE-LP graphics. These mobile processors are based on the new ‘Willow Cove’ Core microarchitecture, which doubles the bandwidth and shifts to a double ring architecture. This is a vastly improved version of the Sunny Cove architecture.

Tiger Lake also ships with the company’s first Xe iGPU which can achieve up to 2.6 TFLOPs of performance. The Tiger Lake/TGL series will offer up to 4 cores and 8 threads within a 28W TDP power envelope. These are low-power series of processors codenamed as Tiger Lake UP3.

Intel has developed a new type of transistor type called SuperFin. Tiger Lake will be Intel’s first CPU architecture to utilize these 10nm SuperFin transistors, allowing Intel to use transistor-level and architectural improvements to deliver incredible boosts in both performance and efficiency over today’s Ice Lake processors.

Simply put, the 10nm SuperFin technology is a refinement of FinFET with new SuperMIM capacitors in play (MIM stands for metal insulator metal). Intel debuted FinFET in 2012 with Ivy Lake CPUs. Now it seems to be pitching SuperFin as a tech that can help plug the disappointment gap for customers waiting for its 7nm processors. SuperFin technology offers enhanced epitaxial source/drain, improved gate process and additional gate pitch, which are claimed to deliver better performance.

Graphics performance of TGL is also expected to be much better as compared to the current Ice Lake series, and in one of the Videos we can see the boost clock speed of up to 4.8 GHz. Back in June, Intel’s Ryan Shrout published a short demo of the Battlefield V game running on an ultra-thin prototype notebook having a Tiger Lake APU. We expect to see more Gaming Laptops in the coming months.

Below you can find all the leaked video teasers.

Official Tiger Lake platform introduction video:

Intel 11th generation CPUs and GPUs promotional video:

HP Intel Evo series promotional video:

Intel New Core i7 EVO thin and light laptops promotional video

Lenovo Yoga 9i with new Intel processors promotional video

Intel will officially launch the Tiger Lake processor series on September 2nd.