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Intel’s 12th Gen “Alder Lake-S” CPU platform features detailed, 20% single-threaded uplift

Posted on: 20 Mar 2021

Some new details have emerged regarding Intel’s 12th generation of Alder Lake-S Core processor lineup. As you may already know by now that Alder Lake-S Core processors are said to be the company’s first 10nm enhanced SuperFin process node-based mainstream desktop SKUs.

Rumor: AMD Navi 23 GPU to feature 2048 Stream Processors and 8GB GDDR6 VRAM, might launch this April

Posted on: 19 Mar 2021

On March 3rd, AMD officially announced its latest RDNA2 graphics card, the AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT. This new GPU released on March 18th with an official MSRP of $479. AMD also lifted the review embargo for the RX 6700XT and first third-party gaming benchmarks appeared online.

Intel teases its “Xe-HPG” DG2 discrete gaming GPU architecture at the GDC 2021 virtual event [UPDATE]

Posted on: 18 Mar 2021

We can all agree that we seriously need a third discrete GPU competitor in the market. AMD and NVIDIA have already dominated the discrete gaming GPU market since long, and now Intel plans to enter the competition to capture some market share and goodwill.

Intel officially announces its 11th gen ‘Rocket Lake-S’ desktop CPUs, shares first-party gaming benchmarks [UPDATE]

Posted on: 18 Mar 2021

Intel has finally announced its 11th Gen Rocket Lake processor lineup. Today the blue team also revealed the official specs and pricing for Rocket Lake ahead of the March 30th embargo date for full reviews and retail sales.

AMD provides an update on its FidelityFX Super Resolution tech, will launch later this year

Posted on: 18 Mar 2021

We have already heard rumors that AMD is expected to launch its answer to NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling technology, dubbed as FidelityFX Super Resolution, sometime later this year. Now in a recent “Full Nerd” PCWorld podcast, AMD’s VP & General Manager Graphics Business Unit Scott Herkelman assured that AMD’s Super Resolution technology is planned … Continue reading AMD provides an update on its FidelityFX Super Resolution tech, will launch later this year

Microsoft aims to bring its Xbox “Auto HDR” feature to Windows PC ecosystem

Posted on: 17 Mar 2021

Microsoft has just announced in a recent blog post that the software giant is testing the new “Auto HDR” feature on Windows 10 OS, which works in a similar manner like it does on the latest Xbox Series S and X consoles.

Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti 4GB GPU appears on Asus TUF Dash F15 gaming Laptop [UPDATE]

Posted on: 17 Mar 2021

It appears that ASUS has accidentally listed an unreleased Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Mobility GPU, as spotted by momomo_us, the Ampere-based graphics card, which Nvidia has yet to confirm. ASUS recently published updated specifications for its latest TUF Dash F15 gaming laptop, and it mentions an unreleased Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU.

First DDR5 Memory kit tested on Intel Alder Lake Desktop CPU platform, shows impressive performance gains over DDR4

Posted on: 17 Mar 2021

It appears that some memory manufacturers are using Intel’s upcoming 12th gen “Alder Lake-S” desktop CPU platform to test the full potential of next-gen DDR5 memory. Chinese memory manufacturer Longsys has released some benchmark test results of its DDR5 memory modules which were evaluated on an Intel Alder Lake desktop platform, coming via MyDrivers.

Nvidia Geforce RTX 30 series “Ampere” GPU lineup to be in short supply until 2022

Posted on: 16 Mar 2021

Last month I reported regarding the Global chip shortage issue which is going to last till 2022 and as a result, NVIDIA and AMD GPU stocks are also going to be affected. Now we have a report to further back up this claim that this whole GPU availability and supply situation is going to get … Continue reading Nvidia Geforce RTX 30 series “Ampere” GPU lineup to be in short supply until 2022

Rumor: Is Raja Koduri benchmarking the upcoming Intel “Xe HPG” DG2 gaming GPU in Lab? [UPDATE]

Posted on: 16 Mar 2021

Last month Intel’s senior Vice President, Raja Koduri, posted a teaser of the company’s first gaming discrete graphics cards on Twitter, the Xe HPG. Intel’s Xe HPG DG2 (High-Performance) gaming graphics card was tested in the new 3DMark Mesh Shader feature test.