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Hyper Dragon Ball Z Indigo, best free Mugen DBZ game, available for download

In August 2017, we informed you about the best 2D free Mugen DBZ game, Hyper Dragon Ball Z. And today, we are happy to report that there is a brand new version that you can download for it.

Hyper Dragon Ball Z is a MUGEN 2D DBZ fighting game that looks retro-fantastic. If you are a fan of DBZ, then you really have to download this free Mugen game.

According to the team, every character has been updated to its new 5.0 standard. As such, some older characters may feel like completely new ones.

Similarly, the team has enhanced and improved all of the game’s stages. Additionally, this build packs together all of the previously released materials, including Krillin, Android 18 and Tenshinhan.

You can download Hyper Dragon Ball Z Indigo from here.

Have fun!

HYPER DBZ Indigo Build Release Trailer!!