Project Clarity - Clutter Textures Redone-7

This 6.7GB Mod for Skyrim Special Edition overhauls all of its clutter textures

Modder ‘Iconic’ has released a brand new HD Texture Pack for Skyrim Special Edition that overhauls all of its clutter textures. This HD Texture Pack is 100% lore/vanilla friendly, and you can use it alongside some other texture packs we shared in the past.

According to the modder, this pack overhauls thousands of textures covering hundreds of objects. Furthermore, it improves Shadowmarks, and restores the Skyrim books.

Do note that these are still Bethesda textures, the quality doesn’t even come close to retextures made from scratch. In order to improve the quality of the vanilla textures, Iconic used AI-upscaling techniques.

Similar to other HD AI-upscaled Texture Packs, this one is compatible with most of what we’ve been sharing lately. As such, you can use it alongside Skyrim 2020 Version 3.5 or Septentrional Landscapes SE. You can also use it with this 10GB AI-enhanced Texture Pack that overhauls all of the game’s textures. Naturally, this mod is compatible with Project Clarity – Creature Textures Redone, Project Clarity – Effects Textures Redone and Grass and Ground Overhaul SE Mod.

Additionally, you can use it with the Enhanced Blood Textures mod, which makes the game gorier and bloodier than ever. Furthermore, you can use it with this mod that overhauls its magic system by adding more than 200 new spells. Or you can use it with this mod that completely overhauls its enemy system.

You can download Project Clarity – Clutter Textures Redone from here. Below you can also find some screenshots, showcasing some of the improved textures.


Project Clarity - Clutter Textures Redone-1Project Clarity - Clutter Textures Redone-2Project Clarity - Clutter Textures Redone-3Project Clarity - Clutter Textures Redone-4Project Clarity - Clutter Textures Redone-5Project Clarity - Clutter Textures Redone-6Project Clarity - Clutter Textures Redone-7Project Clarity - Clutter Textures Redone-8