Hitman 2 Patch 2.11 is now available, adds Simulation Quality option, brings optimization tweaks

IO Interactive has released a new patch for the PC version of Hitman 2. According to the release notes, patch 2.11 adds a brand new graphics setting called Simulation Quality and brings various PC optimization tweaks.

Going into more details, the Simulation Quality option will improve the amount and fidelity of crowds, cloth, destruction and particles system, depending on your CPU. The visual content only applies to the main campaign missions in Miami and Mumbai. The Simulation Quality option also affects audio across all game content.

Moreover, IO Interactive has fixed an issue that could cause graphical corruption when shooting in the same place multiples times, especially on wooden surfaces, as well as an issue that could cause frame rate drops and sound distortion on machines with a low number of CPU cores.

It’s also worth noting that IO Interactive has previously released a Hotfix for Hitman 2 that fixed an issue that could cause players with an AMD Phenom CPU to crash to desktop when launching a HITMAN 2 mission.

As always, Steam will download this new patch for Hitman 2 the next time you launch its client and you can find the full list of changes/fixes here.