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Here is the list of The Witcher 3 Next-Gen problems that CDPR is currently investigating

CD Projekt RED has just shared the list of The Witcher 3 Next-Gen problems that it is currently investigating. And, things are not looking particularly well for everyone that has performance issues with it.

CDPR has not listed the CPU optimization issues or the ridiculously enormous Ray Tracing requirements. Not only that, but the team has not listed the game’s annoying stuttering issues, the RT pop-in issues, or its RT graphical glitches.

Instead, the team is currently looking into fixing the following issues.

  • Game crashes on PC
  • Players who own the game on Origin are unable to update the game
  • Low Ray Tracing performance on Intel GPUs.
  • PlayStation 5 version of the expansions are unavailable in some regions

In short, you should not expect any major performance improvements. As we’ve already reported, the game has major optimization issues. Thus, it’s a bit laughable witnessing CDPR simply ignoring all these issues.

But hey, you can at least roll back to an earlier version of the game. And, since the pre-Next-Gen version is compatible with all mods, we suggest doing exactly that. Just roll back to the previous PC version and don’t bother with this unoptimized buggy mess. That is unless you have an RTX4090 which, mainly thanks to DLSS 3, can brute force these optimization issues.