Hard Reset – New Update Released; Adds ATI Eyefinity Support

Great news for AMD/ATI users as Flying Wild Hog released a new patch for Hard Reset that adds ATI Eyefinity support. In addition, this new update offers better support for Nvidia’s 3D Vision, as well as some minor fixes when players have connected a gamepad to their machines. As always, this patch will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and you can view its changelog after the jump.
Hard Reset Update 1.21 Changelog:
-Mouse cursor will now disappear when using joypad/controller.
– When a joypad/controller is connected, the currently selected option will become highlighted.
– Joypad/Controller left analog stick is now used for navigating the menus.
– Improved Nvidia 3dVision compatibility with FSAA x2 and FSAA x4.
– ATI Eyefinity support.