German magazine PC Action to reveal the PC version of an exclusive console RPG

Now this is extremely interesting. German magazine PC Action is said to reveal the PC version of an exclusive console RPG. According to the magazine’s ‘next month’ column – spotted by Neogaf’s member ‘Anarkin’ – the magazine will reveal the game’s identity in its next issue that will hit stores in April 11th.
It is said to be a top secret project and that it will be a world premiere. However, Dark Souls fans should not be celebrating yet. This console exclusive RPG could very well be another game, like Final Fantasy XIII-2 for example.
Truth be told, there are all kinds of hints, indicating that Dark Souls will be coming to the PC. Yesterday, we informed you about From Software’s take on a future PC version for Dark Souls. Namco Bandai was looking for Dark Souls PC petition’s owner a couple of weeks ago and both companies are aware of the high demand. And now we got word for an exclusive console RPG hitting the PC. Still though, we are a bit sceptical and don’t want to get your hopes up. So take that with a grain of salt as┬ánothing is┬ácertain at this point.
PC Action will hit stores in April 11th, but subscribers will get it a few days earlier. Let’s hope that the German magazine will not disappoint us. Stay tuned for more!