Galactic Civilizations III feature

Galactic Civilizations III Releases on May 14th

Stardock has just announced that Galactic Civilizations III will be fully released on May 14th. As the press release reads, the choices you make in Galactic Civilizations III shape your empire as it inevitably enters into cultural, trade, diplomatic, ideological, and military conflicts with your neighbors.

Galactic Civilizations III is described as the largest and most diverse strategy sandbox to date.

“Players have dozens of tools at their disposal from diplomatic treaties to resource exchanges, United Planets resolutions to the hundreds of research directions their scientists can pursue, and an effectively infinite number of ways to design and deploy starfleets. Every area of the game – planetary development, starbase construction, inter-faction negotiations, ideology, and much more – presents players with choices that shape their galaxy.”

Galactic Civilizations III brings major improvements to the franchise and the genre aside from its triple-A presentation and the sheer size and variety that its 64-bit engine enables. The game is extremely mod-friendly, allowing ambitious modders to add an effectively unlimited amount of content from races to ships to entirely new technology and ideology branches or whatever else they think of.

Finally, Internet multiplayer makes its first appearance in the franchise, along with fantastically detailed leaderboards and metadata powered by