Fully Playable ‘Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3’ Cabinet In Doom – Third Demo Coming On January

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Back in January, we informed you about UMK 3 X GZDOOM TOB, a mod for Doom that let you play Midway’s classic 2D fighting game, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Cristian Fabian Muñoz Isla, creator of this mod, has informed us about a new version of it that will hit the Internet next month, and we will definitely keep an eye on it in order to let you know when this bad boy is available for download.
Cristian has also informed us about another mod for Doom that replaces that game’s weapons with those of Counter-Strike. It looks cool, though it takes away the greatness of Doom’s arsenal. Still, those looking for a more… ‘realistic’ take on id’s classic FPS can give it a go.

Counter Strike for Doom - Tribute Trailer