UMK 3 X GZDOOM TOB Beta 2 Released; Play Mortal Kombat Trilogy Online

This is awesome. No no no, this is beyond awesomeness. I’ve always wanted to play Mortal Kombat online and to my surprise, this Doom mod offers exactly that in a pretty cool way. Modder ‘Doomero’ has released the second beta version of his UMK 3 X GZDOOM TOB, that let’s you play online, a mix between UMK3 and MK Trilogy in Doom. This mod is only compatible with gzdoom tob, and the file contains all you need: skins foldier (contain the mk wad), gzdoom tob, zlauncher (multiplayer), fmodex, etc, see the readme for more instuctions.
Why should you go into the trouble of finding gzdoom tob, installing it, finding your doom.wad, etc? See the video bellow and all your questions will be answered. Get over heeeeeeeeere!
Oh, and before jumping to early conclusions. That MK 2 HD shot above is fan-made, so don’t get your hopes up.